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Behavioral Health Innovation creates clinical, business and marketing resources to support the work of mental health and behavioral health professionals. We have created this comparative site to help psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors and social workers make more informed decisions and improve their practices. If you need help choosing technology, setting up a practice, recruiting clients or training clinicians, we would be happy to assist you.

Online Technology Comparison FAQ  |  Behavioral Health Innovation

Behavioral Health Innovation (BHI) was founded by Jay Ostrowski.

Jay Ostrowski pictureJay Ostrowski is a Nationally Certified Counselor and Licensed as a Professional Counselor and Professional Counselor Supervisor. He has a strong track record of designing and implementing innovative treatment programs, commercializing behavioral health interventions and marketing and building medical businesses.

As an experienced professional counselor and practice manager, Jay has created or contributed to the development of several online counseling venues with the help of technology teams. He and his team are currently overseeing the implementation of a state-wide program, and consulting for online technology companies and clinics.

For more on Jay Ostrowski’s background visit his bio page. Jay Ostrowski Bio  |  Jay Ostrowski on LinkedIn

You can contact Jay by reaching out through our contact form.

Behavioral Health Innovation is reliant upon public information and the feedback from the companies represented regarding these telemental health counseling products/services and cannot make any warranty regarding this information. This information has been compiled for educational purposes and attempts are made regularly to verify the accuracy of the information. Individuals are encouraged to verify the information represented prior to making a purchasing decision.

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