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This chart contains a listing of therapy or self-help related Apps found in the Apple and Android App stores.  Some were created for clinical psychotherapy purposes and others for education or entertainment. Before entering any private information, be sure to read the terms of use of the application to ensure that the App will not distribute your private information to anyone and that the App meets encryption standards.

If you are a mental health provider, be sure to test any App prior to recommending it to a client or patient to ensure that the material is appropriate and fits the aptitude and clinical need of the client.

A discussion thread on self-help Apps is at the end of this chart.

App Name Company User Topic OS
Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Steps Serulia Self-help Alcoholism Android,
Alcoholism Bawidgets Self-help Alcoholism news and information Android,
Alzheimer's Info Bawidgets Self-help Alzheimer's disease news and information Android,
AmbiSci PDR Tesla software Self-help Pain and depression using binaurals and isochronics tones iOS, Android,
AmbiSci PMP Pure Meditation Tesla software Self-help Sleep and meditation using binaurals and isochronics tones. iOS, Android,
Anxiety Free Ican Hypnosis Self-help self-Hypnosis for Anxiety, tension and stress iOS,
At Ease: Anxiety & Worry Relief Meditation Oasis Self-help Anxiety and meditation iOS, Android,
Avokiddo Emotions Playful Learning for Kids Avokiddo E. Katsantonis & sia e.e. Self-help Emotions iOS,
Be Grounded Somatiq, LLC Self-help Stress and relaxation/emotional wellness iOS,
Beat Social Phobia with Andrew Johnson Michael Schneider Self-help Social phobia and anxiety iOS, Android,
Behind Subtle Psychology KoolAppz Self-help Subtle Psychology book/ persuasion techniques Android,
Biozen National Center for Telehealth and Technology T2 Self-help Biofeedback/Therapy Android,
BrainBaseline Cognitive Media Self-help Cognitive functions iOS,
BreakkUp Saltlick Labs Self-help Relationships iOS,
Build Confidence with Andrew Johnson Michael Schneider Self-help Confidence iOS, Android,
CareOne CareOne Debt Relief Services Self-help Debt relief Android,
Chakra Meditation Saagara Self-help Meditation through yoga iOS, Android,
Color Psychology William Alexander Self-help Color Perception Android,
Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson HD Michael Schneider Self-help Sleep, Insomia iOS, Android,
Depression Doctot Therapists Clinician-administered depression assessment scales iOS,
Depression Calculator Self-help Self depression assessment iOS,
Depression Fighter – A practical Christian Guide Signature Digital Self-help Depression iOS,
Depression Help Brainwave PPL Development Company LLC Self-help Depression iOS,
Depression Inventory Handcarved Software Self-help Depression Android,
Depression Journal iHealth Ventures LLC. Self-help Depression iOS,
Depression Mood Monitor Jonathan Bennett Self-help Depression monitering iOS,
Depression Relief and Mood support – HappyApp Gjorgji Petrov Self-help Depression iOS,
Depression Screening openAirWare, LLC Self-help Depression iOS,
Depressioncheck M-3 information LLC Self-help Depression, bipolar, anxiety and PTSD iOS,
Disconnect – With Andrew Johnson Michael Schneider Self-help Internet/ Technology addiction iOS, Android,
Drinking Mirror Rancon Self-help Alcoholism iOS, Android,
Fit Pregnancy Mobile Launcher Kargo Self-help Pregnancy Psychology and other pregancy related health tips. Android,
Good Sex, Great Marriage: A Back-to Baskics Workshop from LiveBetterYou GiGi Games, LLC Self-help Marriage iOS,
Gratitude & Happiness- A self-help journal for thoughts & mood tracking Track & Share Apps, LLC Self-help Mood/Emotions iOS,
Habit Pro Track & Share Apps, LLC Self-help Organization and Habit change iOS,
Headache & Migraine Diary iHealth Ventures LLC. Self-help Head aches and Migranes tracking iOS,
Hypnosis Customizable Pack New Life Ministries (US) Self-help Hypnosis iOS,
iGenogram iLogoTec sri Therapists/Self-help Emotional relationships, Substance abuses, physical or psychological pathologies etc. iOS,
Imaginator (Psychology Test) Bouilla-base Self-help Personality Test Android,
Instant Stress Relief MANYA Technologies Self-help Stress BlackBerry OS,
iStress PsiApps, Inc. Self-help Stress iOS,
Know Yourself Personality Test Excel at Life Self-help Personality Psychology, self-help and self- improvement Android,
Life Planner Palmcast Self-help Organization/productivity iOS,
LifeArmor National Center for Telehealth and Technology T2 Self-help Sleep, depression, relationship issues, and post-traumatic stress assessments and assistance iOS, Android,
Love & Psychology Facts szymdev Self-help Psychology, evolutional Psychology, sociology, and health (healthy lifestyle) knowledge. Android,
Maxjournal bigbluecouch Self-help Journal/Diary iOS,
Mental Detox by Barbara Ford-Hammond The Mobile Software House Self-help Hypnotic meditation iOS,
Mental Health Forum (MHF) Neil Morris Self-help Public mental health forum iOS,
MentalChecker DuxSolutions KK Self-help Panic attacks, alcoholism, Eating disorder/bulimia/anorexia and Mood disorder/bipolar personality assessment. iOS,
Mentalizing HQApps Self-help Self and others understanding iOS, Android,
MHF Together for change self-help Mental Health Forum Android,
Mind Webreakstuff, Lda. Self-help Meditation iOS,
Mind Tools MindTools Ltd. Self-help Skill types include leadership, team management, strategy, problem solving, decision-making, project management, time management and personal productivity, stress management, communication, creativity and career development. iOS, Android,
Moody Me MedHelp Self-help Mood Disorder iOS,
My Everyday Psychology Appelizer Self-help General Psychology related to everyday life Android,
Optimism Optimism Apps Pty Ltd Self-help Depression, bipolar and other mental health conditions. iOS,
Panic Attack Aid Panic Attack Aid Self-help Panic Attack Relief iOS, Android,
Panic Attack Aid Lite Panic Attack Aid Self-help Panic Attack iOS, Android,
Panic Attack PHILS Nav4D Self-help Panic and Phobia Attack Relief iOS,
Panic Attacks: 10 Steps to Conquer myCBT Ltd Self-help Panic Attack Relief iOS,
Panic Attacks? Learn how to deal with panic attacks and anxiety attacks Geert Verschaeve Self-help Panic Attack Relief iOS,
Panic Button sizzlecode Self-help Panic Attack alert sent up to 3 contacts iOS,
Panic Control Therapy by Design Self-help Panic Attack Relief iOS,
Panic! Catalyst Software LLC Self-help Panic Attack alert sent to 911 and/or someone from contact list iOS,
PANIIC Chad Busteed Self-help Panic Attack alert sent to someone from contact list iOS,
Positive Activity Jackpot National Center for Telehealth and Technology T2 Self-help Behavioral Health Therapy-Pleasant Event Scheduling (PES) Android,
Pregnancy Mathew Wadstein Self-help Pregancy iOS,
Psychological Tests Pretty Planet Self-help Personality/Social Psychology Android,
Psychology tests Free As Easy as Pie Self-help Personality Test Android,
PsychTab 2Kapps Self-help Psychological and Self-Response tests iOS,
PTSD Coach National Center for Telehealth and Technology T2 Self-help PTSD iOS, Android,
Quit Smoking with Andrew Johnson Michael Schneider Self-help Smoking iOS, Android,
Quitter Paze Self-help Habit change iOS,
Relational Psychology VITEB Self-help Relational Psychology iOS, Android,
Since I Quit (Smoking) DUNK Ltd Self-help Smoking Addiction iOS,
Sleep Analysis Go2Share Self-help Sleep/Insomia iOS,
Sleep snore/ Apnea/ talk Recorder GRsoft Labs Self-help snoring, apnea and sleep talking problems. iOS,
Sleep Time+ Alarm Clock and Sleep Cycle Analysis with Soundscape for Health and Fitness Azumio Inc. Self-help Sleep tracking iOS,
Snoring Relief and Sleep Apnea AppWarrior Self-help Snoring and sleep apnea iOS,
SportPsych Performance Coach Excel at Life Self-help Clinical Sport Psychology Android,
Stickyboard Qrayon, LLC Self-help Organizing iOS,
Stress Doctor by Azumio – Stress reducer and slow breathing yoga exercise Azumio Inc. Self-help Stress iOS,
Stress Tank Mindivia Self-help Stress BlackBerry OS,
Stress Tracker AboveStress, Inc. Self-help Stress iOS,
T2 Mood Tracker National Center for Telehealth and Technology T2 Self-help Mood iOS, Android,
Tactical Breather National Center for Telehealth and Technology T2 Self-help Stress iOS, Android, – Track your life Health Analytic Services, Inc. Self-help HIPAA Compliant health tracking iOS, , ,
Thriveology Magazine for Success Aspire Coaching Self-help Coaching iOS,
Track & Share – A Life Tracking Journal for Work, Health, Wellness & the Quantified Self Track & Share Apps, LLC Self-help Tracking journal iOS,
US Army Survival Guide Pro Milodroid Self-help Psychological aspect of survival in additional to other applications of survivial. Android,
WhatsmyM3 M-3 information LLC Self-help Assesses risk of depression, bipolar and anxiety and PTSD iOS, Android,
Zensorium Tink Zensorium Pte Ltd Self-help Stress iOS, – Track your life Health Analytic Services, Inc. Self-help HIPAA Compliant health tracking iOS,
Recovery Record (Eating Disorder Management) Recovery Record Self-help Eating Disorders iOS, Android,
ReliefMe ReliefMe Self-help Stress iOS,
Cognitive Diary CBT Self-Help Excel At Life Self-help Stress, anxiety and depression. Android,
Equanimity – Meditation Timer & Tracker Robin Barooah Self-help Anxiety iOS,
Relax Melodies iLBSoft Self-help Sleep iOS, Android,
Acupressure: Treat Yourself Alexander Mokrushin Self-help Acupressure iOS, Android,
Qi Gong Meditation Relaxation Excel At Life Self-help Stress/anxiety Android,
Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep Zodinplex Self-help Relaxation Android,
Calming Music to Simplicity IMOBLIFE INC. Self-help Relaxation Android,
Worry Box—Anxiety Self-Help Excel At Life Self-help Anxiety Android,
Stop Panic & Anxiety Self-Help Excel At Life Self-help Panic and Anxiety Android,
Respiroguide Pro Vital-EQ Self-help Stress/anxiety iOS, Android,
Sleep Time by Azumio Inc. Azumio Inc. Self-help Sleep iOS, Android,
Relax and Rest Meditations Meditation Oasis Self-help Stress/anxiety iOS, Android,
I Can Be Fearless – Relax, remove fear and Anxiety Human Progress Self-help Relaxation and anxiety iOS,
Relaxing Sounds Of Nature Lite (help with meditation relaxation sleep and spa) Red Hammer Software Self-help Stress and relaxation iOS,
Universal Breathing – Pranayama Free Saagara Self-help Stress iOS,
Relax Ocean waves Sleep Moz Self-help Relaxation/sleep Android,
GymPact GymPact Self-help Excercise motivation iOS, Android,
DietBet Self-help Weightloss motivation iOS,
SuperBetter SuperBetter Self-help Resilience iOS,
Helpouts Google Therapy and Self-help Health Android,
ADHD Alarm Cognitive Psychiatry PLLC Self-help Adult ADHD iOS, Android,
MindShift Creative B’stro Self-help Anxiety iOS, Android,
BellyBio Interactive Breathing RelaxLine Self-help Relaxation/stress relief iOS,
Take a Break! Guided Meditations for Stress Relief Meditation Oasis Self-help Stress Relief iOS, Android,
Previdence Previdence Corporation Self-help Depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol and suicidal issues iOS,
Operation Reach Out The Guidance Group Inc. Self-help Suicide prevention iOS, Android,
Relax with Andrew Johnson Lite Michael Schneider Self-help Relaxation iOS, Android,
Anxiety Resolver Recovering Hope Project, LLC. self-help Anxiety iOS,
Fuze Fuze Self-help, Students, Therapists, Therapy Video Conferencing iOS, Android,
Cisco Jabber Cisco Jabber Self-help, Students, Therapists, Therapy Video Conferencing iOS, Android,
Polycom RealPresence PolyCom Self-help, Students, Therapists, Therapy Video Conferencing iOS, Android,
Banckle Online Meeting Banckle Self-help, Students, Therapists, Therapy Video Conferencing Android,
MyPath2Bliss My Path to Bliss Self-help Meditation/Motivation iOS,
Happify Happify Self-help Happiness iOS,
CBT Keeper Euthymic Labs Self-Help Depression and Anxiety Android,
Brain In Hand Brain in Hand Self-Help, Therapists Mental Health and Motivation iOS, Android,
POS REP POS REP Self-Help Veterans Social Networking iOS,
Big White Wall US Big White Wall Therapy, Self-Help Therapist Directory iOS, Android,
SAM Self-Help for Anxiety Management University of the West of England Self-help Anxiety iOS, Android,
IntelliCare Northwestern University Self-help Depression and Anxiety Android,
WorryWatch WorryWatch Self-Help Anxiety iOS,
Headspace Headspace Self-help Stress and Anxiety iOS,
ACT Coach US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Self-Help, Therapy Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindfullness iOS,
DBT Diary Card and Skills Coach Durham DBT, Inc. Therapy, Self-help Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) treatment iOS,
Depression CBT Self-Help Guide Excel at Life Self-help Depression Android,
How Are You Quantum Lab Co. Self-help, Therapists Mood iOS, Android,
Quit it- Stop Smoking today digitalsirup GmbH Self-Help Smoking iOS,
Quit Pro Muslim Pro Limited self-help smoking iOS, Android,
Stop, Breathe, Think! Tools for Peace Self-help Mindfullness and Stress iOS, Android,
Stop Drinking with Andrew Johnson Michael Schneider self-help sobriety iOS,
Quit Drinking- Andrew Johnson Michael Schneider self-help sobriety Android,
Stress & Anxiety Companion Prosper self-help stress and anxiety iOS,
Pain and Depression Relief Tesla Audio Sciences self-help Insomnia and Depression iOS,
NIH Depression Information Incelligence self-help, students Depression Android,
Smiling Mind Smiling Mind Self-help Depression iOS, Android,
Sleep Cycle alarm clock Northcube AB self-help smart sleep alarm iOS,
Happy Habits Excel at Life self-help Mood Android,
Secret of Happiness ShreeK self-help Happiness Android,
Sober Grid Sober Grid, L.L.C. self-help addiction, drugs, alcohol iOS, Android,
12 Steps AA Companion — Alcoholics Anonymous Dean Huff self-help addiction, alcoholism iOS, Android, Nook,
AA Big Book and More Rob Laltrello self-help addiction, alcoholism iOS,
AA Speakers to Go Calidad Systems self-help addiction, alcoholism iOS, Android,
CassavaSM Elements Behavioral Health self-help addiction, sobriety iOS,
One Day At A Time — AA Calidad Systems self-help addiction, alcoholism iOS, Android,
SoberTool SoberTool self-help, therapy addiction, drugs, sobriety iOS, Android,
Recoverize self-help addiction Android,
SBIRT James Bray with Baylor University Self-help, therapy addiction, substance abuse, alcoholism, drugs iOS,
AffirMirror AffirMirror self-help self esteem, self-affirmation iOS, Android,

If you have an App you would like to recommend send us a note through the contact form.

Behavioral Health Innovation makes no warranties or claims regarding the usefulness of any of the above listed Apps and is not liable for the use or distribution of these products or services.


  1. Alex on May 29, 2013 at 6:39 am

    Didn’t found recovery record (, great app for eating disorder, on this list. Didn’t found on your list informations about platforms (is this thing working on iPhone/ Android/ Blackberry/ something else). Didn’t found links to this apps.

  2. SHPendulum on October 29, 2013 at 10:19 am

    Check my amaizing free app for self-hypnosis by a pendulum. It can greatly change your insight about hypnosis!
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How to Use Apps in Psychotherapy
There are MANY uses for Apps, but if you are brand new to using Apps in therapy, start by considering what you already use and see if there is a cross over product. The best way to start using Apps in therapy is to find ways to use an App to do what you already recommend to clients. Make sure that the recommendation fits the therapeutic goals of the client and the client has a clear rational for using it. I tend to frame this as an “experiment” to gather more information for a few days. Clients, unless they are compulsive, usually wane in compliance after a few few days anyway, so suggest they collect for a few days and save the information for the next meeting.

Have you ever had a client that could use a little more self-awareness? Ever wish you could collect more information to understand the extent of the client’s issue or help the client identify patterns? Does your client wonder if the medication really making a difference? Of course, the answer is “Yes” to all of these. Collecting information is one of the most basic (and easy) uses for Apps. Asking your client to log the “moment,” or collect information at different prescribed intervals could bring in valuable data into therapy. Imagine a client brining in a completed chart of the targeted emotions or behaviors and corresponding notes for those times.

A cautionary note on intervention Apps. Make sure that you are comfortable with the developer and material in the App. The FDA is working on regulations to monitor and regulate Apps that are relied upon for clinical decision-making and interventions. Until Apps are regulated, counselors should treat Apps like they would a self-help book and ensure that the materials are sound and appropriate to the client. There are a lot of Apps on the market that are simply entertaining or poorly done. So take a moment and try out an App and test it before you recommend it.

Once you are ready to recommend an App for therapy, take a moment and walk through using the app in session. This will help the client clearly understand what is expected and help the therapist identify any client’s limitations. Be clear on the expectations for use and the worth of the material gathered. Focus on the material rather than the technology. Keep the time interval for the App use short. Make sure the client is comfortable with the user agreement for the App. Do not have them email the results or post them on social media sites that are not HIPAA compliant.

The App will not replace the therapist, as many in mental health fear. We are not working towards the counselor saying “Take two Apps and call me next week.” Apps, like assessments, self-help materials and worksheets, serve as enhancements to the therapy process. Uses of Apps in therapy are as individual as the therapy session. Experiment with some of the Apps and post some feedback on your experiences.

Behavioral Health Innovation is reliant upon public information and the feedback from the companies represented regarding these telemental health counseling products/services and cannot make any warranty regarding this information. This information has been compiled for educational purposes and attempts are made regularly to verify the accuracy of the information. Individuals are encouraged to verify the information represented prior to making a purchasing decision.

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