Blue Jeans

The benefits of Blue Jeans’ video conferencing service are clear:

Improved patient care. Using almost any business or consumer video-enabled device and a high-speed Internet connection, Blue Jeans creates a secure, critical link that instantly allows all parties to assist with knowledge transfer and care coordination:

  • Patients — Whether homebound, confined to a hospital bed or meeting with their primary physician in a rural office setting, patients can have access to the specialized medical care or monitoring they need, when they need it most.
  • Physicians — Primary care providers can invite colleagues and specialists to consult with patients in real time, without having to plan in advance or involve IT for technical assistance.
  • Support network — Family members and personal care providers can participate in healthcare meetings even if they can’t be physically present. The emotional connection provided by video conferencing can help caregivers detect nuances important to their continuing support.

Broader access to learning and collaboration. Tight budgets make attending training and continuing education difficult or cost-prohibitive. With Blue Jeans, in-service training and development can easily be scheduled and attended by geographically dispersed staff, resulting in:

  • Improved learning events. Broader, more diverse attendance improves learning events through higher interaction levels, better teamwork and improved collaboration.
  • Collaboration with academic institutions. Staff can have better and more frequent “face to face” interactions with academic professors and advisers who support their learning, without having to worry about system compatibility or network security.

Cost savings. Reducing operational costs is a necessary concern in all fields of medicine. Blue Jeans increases patient care efficiency through:

  • Reduced hospital visits. Patients can show care providers injuries in real time through their video-enabled phone or other device.
  • Reduced travel expenses. Easily collaborate with other healthcare providers or specialists with Blue Jeans video conferencing instead of incurring additional travel expense.
  • Decreased readmissions. Quick patient checkups can happen through video conference from the convenience of the doctor’s office and the patient’s home.
  • Reduced technology expenses. Blue Jeans meetings can happen anywhere participants need to be. Use your existing video-conferencing systems or any business or consumer video-enabled device to host or join a meeting, and forget about additional hardware expenses or costly upgrades.

Blue Jeans — the right prescription for advancing telehealth. Blue Jeans cures the complexities of traditional video conferencing, allowing healthcare providers to focus on what they do best — provide quality, highly personalized patient care. Blue Jeans is the most interoperable solution on the market today, enabling connectivity with the largest variety of video conferencing endpoints without any expensive add-ons.

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