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Why WeCounsel? WeCounsel’s philosophy is that telehealth should be built around ease of use, collaboration, and a level of security that will facilitate safe, meaningful interactions among providers and their clients. WeCounsel provides solutions for a range of behavioral healthcare stakeholders, from private practice, higher education, in-patient/out patient clinics, EAP’s, to nation-wide specialty provider panels.…

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Imprivata Cortext

HIPAA compliant text messaging for healthcare Imprivata Cortext is a HIPAA compliant text messaging solution for hospitals, practices, clinics, hospices, nursing homes, that has been verified as HIPAA compliant by an independant 3rd party. Enterprise-class solution, backed by Business Associate Agreement With over 10 years of experience in healthcare security, Imprivata understands the security requirements of healthcare…

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TruClinic is a web-based telemedicine portal that enables healthcare practitioners to offer medical and behavioral health counseling sessions, health and wellness programs, disease management, follow-up care, case management and other clinical services remotely, via a secure network. The portal is designed like a virtual clinic, and mimics the in-person experience for the patient and the…

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