FasPsych, LLC is your quality telepartner providing the highest level of service in the videoconference and teleconference psychiatry industry. With practitioners working from both our office and their private offices, we have clinicians available for your needs, regardless the state or whether it’s a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner or Psychiatrist you’re looking for. Our competitive rates ensure you’re getting the best deal while our high standards for hiring ensure you’re not losing any quality by moving to a telepsychiatry model. Whether it’s to fill in for some available hours or to staff an entire clinic, FasPsych has no limit to the amount of help it can give you – regardless if you’ve used telepsychiatry before or this is the first you’ve heard of it, we’re here to provide telepsychiatric care solutions to meet your needs.

FasPsych is able to provide solutions to your telepsychiatry needs at great prices thanks to our low office overhead costs and hands on approach to business – right out the door you’ll get a 24 hour tech support cell phone number, a number for both the COO and Office Manager, and the knowledge that regardless what your issue is we are here to support you through this and make it work out for you. We currently use Polycom and Vydeo software, but are open to working with any software solution your site is interested in using, or we can discuss what can be used and what the advantages and disadvantages of each are. Services in Spanish and for children are also available by highly trained practitioners in those areas. We are definitely open to discussing the possibility of any psychiatric need, but currently our contracts are mainly in the following departments:

Additional Information

Since this technology works over the internet and onto either Polycom or netbook units (or a vendor of your choosing), every IT implementation is going to be different, and we can definitely help you out with the specifics by providing general advice. As some basic groundwork, here’s what we recommend: Broadband internet connection speeds of at least 768 down and 512 up for each camera being used A private room with multiple chairs for each room used for telepsychiatry A monitoring system for network bandwidth to see if there are any issues A full time IT support person within your company who can set up network settings within your internal network An electronic medical record system to allow us to update notes and review notes in real time We can help you with setting this up and training your IT department or even supplying you with an IT department if needed (through an external staffing service). We can also help you in choosing the right internet connection from your local internet service provider.

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