Easy to scale

Deploying companywide is a cinch, and you can easily add users as your business grows.

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Simply upload a .CSV file or integrate with ADFS for single sign-on functionality. You can even pre-define personal links prior to deployment to ensure quick adoption by your employees.

Easy to use

Instant and intuitive, is dead simple, which means there’s no need to train your employees. Once provisioned, all they have to do is click one button from the desktop app or the website to start a meeting. And since there’s no need to download and install software on the viewer side, there’s no need to call IT for support. But if you do have questions, just call. They’re happy to help.

Easy to manage

Grouping users, managing feature usage, reporting session history and meeting strict security requirements is a snap, thanks to AppGuru by LogMeIn. Better yet, since everyone has the app, there’s no need to waste your time allocating licenses anymore.

Easy on your budget

Built so everyone can use it, is priced so every one can have it. To start, their typical license is 1/2 the cost of others. But when you add in free unlimited audio our price is simply too hard to beat. Do more with less, for less.

Additional Information

Telemental health and telepsychiatry are quickly changing fields with constant improvements to technology, encryption, security, HIPAA and HITECH compliance, reimbursements, state and federal laws, education and online practice guidelines. These updates will change rapidly, so bookmark or link to this page to check in from time to time to see what has improved. You can also sign up in the contact form to receive a monthly update.
If you need assistance choosing a system, setting up an online therapy network, obtaining referrals for online services, improving provider adoption, or avoiding common telemental health start-up mistakes, contact Behavioral Health Innovation.

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