Providing health care services in today’s world includes constant pressure to increase the quality of patient care, reach new markets, provide new services and control costs. Whether managing a large urban hospital, nursing home or a small rural facility, visual collaboration in the healthcare field is becoming more critical as healthcare organizations grow and patient populations become more diverse both culturally and geographically.

Providea can help healthcare professionals:

  • Increase options for CME training by eliminating travel costs and time.
  • Broadcast important information to all employees with content recording/streaming solutions
  • Assess a patient across town or in a remote location when time is critical.
  • Consult with long distance specialists when travel is difficult.
  • Promote better communication between departments and office locations.
  • Keep the organization connected.

Healthcare and Biomedical research organizations are turning to Providea to communicate more effectively and efficiently with their colleagues and constituencies. Providea’s¬†advanced professional services deliver secure video connections that allow Healthcare and Biomedical professionals to consult with experts across the globe, run staff meetings, continue medical education and conduct training sessions, all in real-time, HD video.

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Telemental health and telepsychiatry are quickly changing fields with constant improvements to technology, encryption, security, HIPAA and HITECH compliance, reimbursements, research, state and federal laws, education and online practice guidelines. These updates will change rapidly, so bookmark or link to this page to check in from time to time to see what has improved. You can also sign up in the contact form to receive a monthly update.

If you need assistance choosing a system, setting up an online therapy network, obtaining referrals for online services, improving provider adoption, or avoiding common telemental health start-up mistakes, contact Behavioral Health Innovation.

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