For 15 years Wind Currents has provided videophone products for telemental healthcare and in 2007 developed V2VIP™ which means Voice and Video Internet Phone service. This affordable high-speed Internet 2-way video communication solution is an “auto-configured” technology designed with the patient in mind. It does not require any technical skills or a computer and, is as easy as dialing a telephone.

V2VIP™ TeleMed Bundles combine “plug-and-dial” desktop videophones or iV2VIP™Video Softphone and V2VIP™ Basic Calling Plan (annual or monthly) for use in patient care, when the provider and client are separated by distance or other obstacles to on-site interaction. V2VIP™ service includes unlimited, worldwide in-the-network video calling.

V2VIP™ TeleMed Bundles enable HIPAA-compliant (128-bit AES encryption) audio-and-video communication from one medical professional to another and / or for a healthcare professional to interact directly (daily, if necessary) with patients using the V2VIP™ or GXV-3005 feature-rich, desktop video phones and/or video softphone.

The iV2VIP™Video Softphone is a downloadable app, available in iTunes, that turns an iPad or iPhone into a video softphone.

Professionals in telehealthcare and telemedicine utilize videophones (interactive video) for face-to-face communication—with or without other technologies—to enable physicians, nurses, and psychiatrists to diagnose and sometimes treat patients who are in another location. Use is not restricted to a single location and can occur between two remote sites located anywhere in the world.

Video phones continue to be a vital part of telehealth and

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telemedicine service solutions to deliver real-time, two-way video communication between and among healthcare professionals, patients, families, caregivers, or clinical trial participants.

Wind Currents has established a national reputation by providing excellent customer service combined with high-quality, cost-effective products and services.

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